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The Florida Technology Council (FTC) is the only association in Florida focused exclusively on the needs and priorities of the Sunshine State and its expansive technology sector.

At the Florida Technology Council, we deliver clear and unbiased industry education exclusively on behalf of this vital sector, allowing government and business leaders to make well informed decisions without the noise of associations crowded by multiple issues and industries.

Becoming a part of the Florida Technology Council means joining a group of the most diverse, effective, and knowledgeable leaders in the industry. Engagement in FTC has allowed our membership organizations to grow and expand their businesses through connections with other IT leaders and through good public policy. Beyond legislative and state education, FTC is the only association dedicated to moving the industry’s regional B2B focus into a statewide channel of connections and opportunities for collaborations and partnerships.   


The Florida Technology Council is not a lobbying organization. No FTC funds are applied toward lobbying expenditures or political contributions. We are the educational voice for technology in the Florida House, Senate, and state agencies as the only association focused exclusively on technology. As such, we can partner directly with state agencies to advance their efforts and goals moving Florida forward. 

"A rising tide lifts all ships."



Florida-based Ruvos is on a mission to deliver clever and efficient solutions so that the world is a better place for the communities we serve. We believe in applying the power of human ingenuity and collaboration to learn, grow, and resolve the great challenges faced by our clients. We look beyond our bottom line to ensure our employees, clients, partners, and local communities are well served.

Ruvos’ cross-functional team has decades of experience in cybersecurity, data integration, data science, public health, healthcare, and strategic consulting, which we leverage to design simple solutions to complex data challenges.

In every industry there is sensitive data that requires complex processing of scalable workflows. From the most vulnerable of populations to the titans of industry, we attack the challenges that come with securing data and ensuring systems interoperability. Our solutions leverage decades of experience in the leading edge of technology to orchestrate simple solutions to complex data challenges. We specialize in moving sensitive health data across systems through scalable workflows while ensuring security and compliance with industry standards.


Eddie Gonzalez Loumiet
CEO, Ruvos



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