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The Florida Technology Council Partners with The Influence Board

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The Florida Technology Council Partners with The Influence Board

to Facilitate Collaboration and Make a Social Impact

The Florida Technology Council (FTC) and The Influence Board (TIB) today announced a partnership to create meaningful collaboration between executives and potential business partners.

“The Influence Board platform allows our executives to manage requests for their time in a way that accelerates relevant collaboration while supporting worthy nonprofits, without a cost to our members,” said James Taylor, the Council’s President and CEO.

The Council convenes numerous events, educational forums and business conferences that bring together leaders, industry experts and community members to make an impact on the technology industry. Taylor expresses that, “Fostering collaboration is in our DNA, and The Influence Board will help us augment positive interactions among our membership and the broader tech community.”

The Influence Board delivers metered access to decision makers on their terms with relevancy screening, limits on the number of requests, and a strong social impact element through financial contributions to worthy causes.

Jay Allen, the CEO of The Influence Board has founded numerous networks of influential business leaders over the past 20 years – all built on relationships of trust.

“The Florida Technology Council is such a well-regarded leader across the state. We are pleased to have them partner with us to enable controlled access to influential people in a way that makes the world a better place,” Allen said. “James and his Board have established reputations for addressing the needs of the explosive IT industry, and we look forward to helping them propel opportunities for businesses across Florida and the Southeast while raising funds for important organizational priorities.” he said.

All members, partners, and associates of the Florida Technology Council are invited to participate in TIB’s platform. The platform is also open to any business or individual interested in requesting meetings with the platform’s executives.

About The Florida Technology Council

The Florida Technology Council (FTC) is the driving force behind Florida’s rapid growth in the technology sector; connecting and empowering Florida’s technology community. As Florida’s premier trade association for science and technology companies, the Council is recognized as having a diverse professional membership among the business community. The Council is a 501©(6) education association providing a trusted industry voice of guidance for State Legislators, municipalities, CIOs, procurement officials, state agency staff, and the private sector.

FTC is the only association in Florida focused exclusively on the needs and priorities of the state's technology sector. Council members work toward furthering the advancement of technology in Florida through leadership, education, and social action. These interactions contribute to the Council’s culture of growing our members' businesses and transforming technology in Florida. To become a member or to learn more about the Florida Technology Council, please visit

About The Influence Board

The Influence Board platform assists business leaders in delivering greater social impact and exposure to innovation via a tightly controlled meeting request process. Business leaders can establish a value for an hour of their time, choose worthy causes to support, then take approved meetings with the meeting value donated to charity. Proceeds benefit The Florida Technology Council as well as more than 100 additional nonprofits.

For More Information, Contact:

Jay Allen, The Influence Board; 720-981-3570

Kate Manning, Florida Technology Council; 850-518-0432

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