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Florida Technology Council Announces Partnership with Bear Robotics

The Florida Technology Council’s mission is to create a better, safer, stronger, and more efficient Florida. We do this by supporting the state’s technology ecosystem. Our state’s ever-changing technological landscape creates challenges that require new and innovative solutions, as well as productive collaborations and partnerships.

Florida is on its way to becoming the 10th largest global economy in the world, due in large part to our tourism and hospitality industry. In recent months, however, this industry has been affected tremendously by state mandated wage increases and staffing shortages. We at the Florida Technology Council believe it is essential that these businesses are supported. As usual, we turned to technology for a solution – and we found one!

Meet Servi – a robot designed to work alongside humans to help address the challenges facing the hospitality industry while simultaneously elevating the customer experience. Servi can autonomously carry food, drinks, and dishes between the kitchen and tables in a dining facility. With the ability to eliminate repetitive work, Servi is the perfect supplement for short staffed and overworked hospitality employees.

These robots are equipped with LiDAR cameras, allowing them to safely navigate through the haste and bustle of a late evening dinner rush without ever causing a spill, scene, or stall in service. The first of its kind to receive certification by the National Sanitation Foundation, Servi has been noted for its safety and sanitation specifications.

Servi comes from an organization that understands the restaurant world. Bear Robotics, founded in 2017, was created to address the increased pressure faced by the food service industry around wages, labor supply, and cost efficiencies. By utilizing AI and autonomous robot technology, Bear Robotics’ creation allows hosts, servers, and wait staff to focus on delivering outstanding service.

Partnerships like these allow us to harness the strengths and abilities of others from different corners of the technological ecosystem to improve outcomes for our state, support efficiency and innovation, and identify answers for essential industries’ complex problems. The partnership between the Florida Technology Council and Bear Robotics means Servi will be visible to our state’s most prominent leaders and decision makers. In today’s world it is visibility, ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking that transform issues into conversations followed by solutions.

Servi will soon be visible at Florida Technology Council’s office within the TCC Center for Innovation directly across from the Florida Capitol, as well as at a number of FTC events, including Tech Day at the Capitol on February 17th, 2022.

To learn more about how Servi impacts the restaurant space, visit

To learn more about FTC’s partnership with Bear Robotics, visit

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