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Leverage The Influence Board to Facilitate Genuine Connections & Make a Social Impact


Feeling overwhelmed by the volume of meeting requests you receive and wishing you had a tool that could better foster authentic connections that fulfill your business objectives? The Florida Technology Council has partnered with The Influence Board to facilitate more automated and relevant collaboration while raising important funding for worthwhile initiatives.


By joining The Influence Board’s platform, you will gain relevancy screening, limits on the number of meeting requests you receive and a feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing that each of your accepted meetings helps to generate donations for worthy causes. In fact, a portion of all funds raised will go towards the Council’s mission of supporting Arizona’s thriving technology ecosystem.

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"Partnering with the Influence Board provides an additional opportunity for our executives and members to collaborate, work towards furthering the advancement of technology, and support the Florida Technology Council's mission to create a better, safer, stronger, more efficient Florida."

James Taylor

CEO/President, Florida Technology Council



“Florida Technology Council is a well-regarded organization and industry leader in the state, so we are pleased to have them join us in raising funds for worthwhile causes. James and his team have established reputations addressing the proactive needs and trends for the explosive technology industry in the state, and we look forward to helping them propel opportunities for businesses across Florida and the Southern U.S., and, to raise funds for their important organizational priorities.”

Jay Allen

CEO, The Influence Board

Your next step is to claim your custom-made profile. As you’re checking out your profile, remember to select the causes you’d like to donate your funds to. The Council will be set up as a default fund recipient, but you can add other causes you are passionate about supporting. Please note that a minimum of 10 percent of the funds you raise will still be donated to the Council.

Join the growing list of FTC member companies leveraging The Influence Board to manage their inbound meeting requests and champion worthy causes. If you have any questions, please reach out to Maya Jairam, VP of Association Partnerships of The Influence Board at

About the Influence Board

Who We Are

The Influence Board is a platform designed by top executives of major companies as a way to offer 1-hour for a "pre-qualified" meeting in return for a meaningful donation to charity.


The Influence Board has over 1,300 high-level executives reviewing and accepting relevant meeting requests to support charity!

What We Do

We help solve the cold-calling problem by filtering meeting requests for relevancy, while empowering you to increase your philanthropic capacity.

Meeting requestors happily fund your charitable causes for an hour of your time!

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